Policy for Service Providers


  1. SP has to accept jobs taking into account the minimum time required to finish each job by each resource.
  2. The schedule has to allow buffer time for extra work and travelling in between orders.
  3. In case the resource is late for attending any order, the following penalty will be applied for the Service Provider:
    • Late by 1 hour: 50 taka
    • Late by 2 hours: 100 taka
    • Late by more than 2 hours: 200 taka
    • The SP cannot assign more than 2 orders per resource in each time slot.


  1. ALL resource must wear and carry Romoni Branded BAG, DRESS and APRON. All ESP/SP will pay for the bag and apron to Romoni.
  2. ALL resource has to carry the product kit. The sample of product kit will be provided by Romoni, based on which partners have to invest in ensuring product kit for each resource.
  3. ALL resource has to maintain a fixed uniform which would be provided by the SP. SP has to buy this uniform from Romoni. IF resource fails to maintain the costume then 100 taka penalty will be applied for the Service Provider for each order.


  1. Customer complaints will be judged based on following parameters
    • Complaint on performance and products: 40%
    • Complaint on manner and etiquette: 40%
    • Complaint on time management: 10%
  2. For the first time warning against a resource, the SP will be charged 1000 taka and has to send the resource for a dedicated training for a whole day. No order will be assigned to the resource on that day.
  3. For the second time warning, the SP will be charged 5000 taka and has to dedicate 2 (two) full days for training of the resource, during which no order will be assigned to them.
  4. For a third warning, the service provider will be blocked in the system without prior notice


  1. The SP has to align their resources for assessment and training on skills whenever demanded by Romoni.
  2. The SP is responsible for ensuring optimal performance of their resources and has to ensure daily grooming on the service skills and manners of the resources.
  3. The SP has to proactively seek assistance from Romoni to groom up an under- performing resource within due time.
  4. Assigning orders to resources without the Certification from Romoni selected trainee/ training institute is a punishable offence.
  5. ALL the resource has to attend SKILL TRAINING by Romoni, for which the SP is liable to invest.


  1. The SP has to send weekly stock taking records to the SBU through SMS or email.
  2. The products used by the SP will be inspected by the SBU and penalty of up to 5,000 taka is applicable for using below- standard products for services.
  3. Penalty will be applicable for not notifying the SBU about the depletion in product’s stocks when its in high demand.
  4. Every month there will be two product visits to every ESP/SP location to check the availability of products and kit.
  5. After each product visit partner will get a purchase list if required with 3 day deadline to purchase.


  1. ALL the resource has to use RESOURCE APP strictly. IF Resource fail to serve orders through APP 100 taka penalty will be applied for the Service Provider per order.
Policy for Resources


  1. There will be a skills scorecard for each service
  2. There will be a scorecard for behavior


  1. Maintain minimum quantity of orders per week
Number of customers served in a week Amount of incentive
15 500
20 700
25 1000


  1. The average rating of the resource has to be 4.6 (cumulative)
  2. The job acceptance rate of the resource has to be 90% in the week
  3. The amount will be paid to the Service Provider during reconciliation of the commission


  1. For rating falling below 3.00, the resource will be blocked
  2. For 3 consecutive valid complains, the resource will be blocked
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